Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Free $25 From Rock & Republic. Yes, I mean FREE!

Rock&Republic has launched their refer a friend program! Much like many sample sales, you can invite others and recieve $25 when they sign up and make their first purchase. BUT, the big perk from Rock & Republic is that when you sign up for an account through an invite link, you automatically get $25 to use on your first purchase. NO STRINGS ATTACHED. That's right, just for SIGNING UP. Go ahead and use it on their cosmetics, you all know you love their blushes. (Remember to use the code ROCKCOSMETICS for an extra 50% off their makeup like). It doesn't work with just one blush, because after discount it will be $20, and you need at least $25 worth of merchandise for it to work.
Oh did I mention shipping is only 99 cents?

If you want a free $25 to spend click on my invite link below! The $25 should show up under your account in "My Rewards", and applies automatically in your cart, if it doesn't, you did something wrong ;P. 

CLICK ME to join

UPDATE: Looks like they caught on. The $25 off is only valid on orders of $75 and off, and looks like the cosmetics code is expired also =(! SORRY! 


  1. Oh thank you thank you thaaaaaank you for posting this up. I've been dying for some of their blushes and I've been too broke. This is perfect! :D

  2. btw, are they out of colors? I'm a bit confused as to why I can't add a certain color of blush I want into my cart. I've never shopped on this site before xD

  3. It looks like people stormed the site. They sold out of almost everything! There's only one blush shade left =(! sorry ladies!

  4. OMG, thank you SOOO MUCH!! I really salute bloggers like you who take the time to let us all know the deals!! AWESOME..many KUDOS! I just snagged the tinted primer w/ SPF for $3.11 shipped reg. $46!!

  5. Thanks for posting this :D
    Is there an expiry date for the $25??
    I'm really tempted to try out some of their blushes and it's sooo worth it with the $25 discount!



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