Saturday, October 2, 2010

Haul: More Rock & Republic Cosmetics

Since my last Rock & Republic haul, I've been acquiring some more products from the line here and there.

Contrived blushes in : Bedroom, Shameless, and Seduce
I got three more blushes, since they're probably the product I like the most. I now have 11 out of the 12 colors made. The last color I don't have is one I don't want because it's a safety orange color... erggg. Bedroom is a matte peach. This is the color I realllyyy wanted last time but accidentally didn't order. Shameless is a bronzey shimmery color, and Seduce is a plum/brown with shimmer. Shameless can be used as a slight bronzer. These blushes, like all the other ones, are hard for me to use because they're so pigmented and my heavy hand always forgets...

Pressed Powder in Satin 
 Swatches of their pressed powders aren't available, neither is any info on the shades. I really had to take a guess at which one would match me, which makes shopping online difficult. I went with "Satin" and it works! =). I used this to mattify my forehead, nose, and top of my cheeks. I also need a light hand with this because although it's pressed, the brush picks up a lot of powder.

Noir Eye Color Trio in Scene 2 
 I had heard some pretty good things about this eyeshadow palette so I gave it ago. First things first, the compact is SUPER heavy. Sturdy indeed. I would hate to travel with this weapon though. The colors are OK. I probably won't really use the purple. As you can see, the black pan came broken. I'm so sad =(! I wish they handled my packages properly. Even if I clean it up, whenever I open the compact, the powder sticks to the magnet at the top of the palette! Color-wise, The black is a very deep matte black. The purple has an almost blue sheen to it, and the cream/champagne color would make a great inner corner highlight. The overall color schemes of their two palettes are weird... and I'm really disappointed that I won't really want to use this palette since it's broken...

Lipglosses in Vacant, Drama Queen, and Runaway
When I got my first two lipglosses, I really didn't like them. However, I found different ways to use them, and they really started to grow on me. Vacant is a nude peach, Drama Queen is a sparkly pink, and Runaway is a nude with glitter. Again, all the colors are sheer. I like Vacant the most. It seems like my favorite formulation of their lipglosses are ones without any shimmer. Vacant is actually looks like my original lipcolor. I wear it ontop of my NYX lipstick in "Honey" (which creates a nude base). I'm basically left with a better, lighter version of my natural lip color =). HURRAY! This is beating my former favorite lipgloss from them, "Muse".

Tinted Primer in Sophia and Tinted Illuminizer in Roxanne

 First, WTH. Both of the pumps look like this when opened. Are they broken?! Where's the straw?! I'm not digging in their for a stupid straw. Anyways, I've been pumping away, and nothing comes out. FAIL.

EDIT: I finally got the illuminizer to pump after about 100 pumps. Still nothing on the primer. I think the pump operates on air suction through the continuous pumping when you first get it. I think the primer's not coming out because of its thick mousse formula. 

The colors are very yellow and too dark for me. However, they are very sheer so they should work. The primer is a weird mousse texture and completely throws me off. The illuminizer's texture is nice though. You can use it as a liquid bronzer, mix it with your lighter foundation to get a darker shade, or mix it with any foundation for a nice glow (which is what I did). I'm holding off on trying the primer these because it seems like an overall strange product...

I think I have enough Rock and Republic products for the rest of my life. I'm generally happy with their products. I really don't think you should try the primer, and the eyeshadow palette doesn't seem worth it to me. I'd rather try their single eyeshadows.

For those interested, R&R is having their friends and family sale. They're offering 30% off with the code FF30. Personally, I'd wait for another sample sale at Hautelook or something.


  1. I think I need more R&R JEANS, lol.

  2. I was about to buy the tinted primer & illuminizer too! Yuckk .. you should complain because that really looks disgusting.. anyway thanks for the reviewss!! :)

  3. HELP!! I bought the R&R primer & I can't cork it!! Any assistance would help soo much!! :)

  4. I am looking to get the R&R Pressed powder and can't decide between Satin and Chiffon. I'm NC20. You said this color worked for you, would you happen to be able to tell me your MAC shade? :]!

  5. There is a hole on the bottom of it. you need to take a pin and stick it in there while pumping the will then start working



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