Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer is the BOMB

Seriously, title says it all. I was really skeptical to try a drugstore concealer. I haven't used one since high school (the seriously crappy turn-up tube one that CoverGirl makes). However, I heard some ravings, and decided to give it a go.

 The Instant Age Rewind concealer retails for about $8-9 dollars, depending on where you go. I bought the color light-medium. It has a dual ended spong-tip pen, one side to correct, and the other to highlight. This stuff is freaking awesome. The corrector really is a great concealer, and has reached HG status. I've been using this everyday. I usually use my Amazing Cosmetics concealer, which is great, but the consistency can be a bit thick. This offers great coverage (although not as heavy), but with a creamier consistency that feels more natural. You really don't need much because the coverage is that good. I use this under my eyes and around my nose. It does wonders for my under eye circles. Then, I set it with my Amazing Cosmetics powder set. I don't really use the highlighter side however, I did try it on my cheekbones, and it's ok. I like that it's not the usual glittery highlighter and looks a lot more natural.

Concealer on the left, Highlighter on the right. 

I'm definitely buying more once I run out =)!


  1. Thanks for the review Jenny. I've heard a lot of good review about this concealer. It must be some good stuff.

  2. great review. i completely agree!~ i am obsessed with finding the perfect concealer - and love this one. it's the only drugstore makeup i'm using at the moment and i'm very impressed. the highlighter is really great for dark undereyes aswell - i would say it's better than the YSL t.e.

  3. I heard you can use the highlighter under the concealer when hiding your dark circles :O



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