Friday, August 20, 2010

Update: A Lack of Blogging

It's seriously been two weeks since my last blog post. I feel so bad =(. It's not from lack of material either. Not a day goes by where I don't have an idea for a blog post, it's just difficult to actually execute. Why you ask? Each blog post takes me about an hour to spit out, and frankly, I don't have the time. I'm trying to make the most of my summer, but I really miss blogging and will try my hardest to get back into the game! I have a lot more products to review, and a ton of hauls to cover!

I'm not lying, here's a little evidence of my summer:

I'm always the one with the closed eyes. At the river for a bonfire.

On the beach at night, the Oregon coast is FREEZING. Nothing a little liquor can't cure.

On a side note, did anybody attempt to snag a bag from the Mulberry for Target sale on Gilt this morning? It was CRAZY. It started at 9PST and I couldn't get my hands on one, they were gone in a minute =(. Well technically they were all in people's carts, who either wouldn't check out or wouldn't give it up. JERKS!

Stay tuned!

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