Saturday, August 21, 2010

Asos Haul: Clothes, Bags, Shoes, Illamasqua. Hits and a few misses.

I've recently fallen in love with Their range of clothing reminds me alot of a mix between Urban Outfitters and Forever21. Also, this month there's free shipping on every order to the US, big plus! Mainly, I shop from their sale/clearance section because they've got some amazing stuff at great prices. I can't remember the exact prices, but nothing was over $20.

Snake skin print platform heels in a size 3UK. HIT. These make me super tall and look nice. However, they're scary to walk in and my boyfriend says they look like stripper heels. He doesn't know what he's talking about.

 Gladiator flat sandals in a size 3UK. MISS. I will definitely have to return these, they're SO big. 3UK is supposed to be 5US, but these sandals say otherwise.

 Gladiator-esque heels in size 3UK. MISS. While very cute indeed, these are also too big =(.

Heart quilt satchel. HIT. I actually wore this bag today. It's super cute and a nice change from the large totes I normally wear.

Hobo slouchy bag. MISS. "It looked better on the model".

Navy draped mini dress. HIT. EVERY time I take a photo of blue, it comes out purple, with EVERY camera I've ever had. In real life, this is a dark navy and drapes beautifully on.

White one shoulder lace top. MISS. Super cute, much too small....

I also had to stop by their Illamasqua cosmetics section. I ended up getting too glosses, one "Intense" and one "Sheer".

The darker color is their Intense gloss in Frenzy, and the pinky shade is their Sheer gloss in Electrify.

Electrify and Frenzy

First thing's first, I HATE the packaging. When I recieved it, my initial thought was "What is this tiny piece of plastic junk?". The tube is a squeezy plastic with a clear domed applicator. It's a "squeeze-type" lipgloss. The packaging itself is flimsy and seems cheap, which is NOT cool, considering their price tag. The good however, is that the formula/color is amazing. Out of the two, I like the sheer color Electrify better. It's a pretty baby pink with sheen. It certainly is sheer and looks great on top of nude lips. Frenzy is a deep vibrant raspberry and the fact that it's an "Intense" gloss means a lot. Do you guys see that crazy pigmentation? It also is long wearing on the lips because even after the gloss fades, the color stains. After I washed off that swatch, I had a pink stain on my arm. This could be good or bad. Anywho, aside from the packaging, I would say the glosses were a HIT, and I am now a fan.

I think that completes my haul for today, hopefully I'll get in another order before the month's over ;P. I just noticed how many black items I got, how depressing. Oh well, versatality is the key!

Have a good Saturday! I know I will ;)!


  1. Wow I love those snake skin shoes!

  2. love the haul! your feet are soooo small hehe

  3. muahahha! "stripper heels"!
    love the haul, i've got to check out asos!

    <33 Rena



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