Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guilty MAC CCO Haul & Swatches [PIC HEAVY]

ERRRR... I sure have been acquiring a lot lately...Judging from my haul posts, and I do NOT post up many of my hauls. This buy was pretty horrible. A few days ago, I went to the Estee Lauder Cosmetic Company Outlet, and needless to say, I spent a lot as usual. I've known that I have a serious problem, with my makeup collecting issue and all, but I think I've finally realized it's a full fledged addiction. After paying at the CCO and stepping out, I felt HORRIBLE. I spent a ridiculous amount, on products that I will never finish. Buying makeup should feel good, but this trip made me feel so guilty.  I usually spend a lot per month, but it hits harder when I spend this much at once, in a half an hour to be exact. I've realized my problem, but will I fix it? Honestly, I'm not giving up my hobby, but I'm trying to restrain myself by spending less and not falling for impulse buys and deals.

SIGH. Regardless, here's what I picked up. Don't get me wrong =), I love what I got, I just think I went overboard this month with my purchases. 

MSFS in : So Ceylon, Sunny by Nature, Brunette, Porcelin Pink
Cheek and Cheerful mineralize blush, Eversun blush, Pleasureful creme blush,
Style Snob e/s, FAFI Utterly Frivolous lipstick, Moistureblend foundation in NC25, and a brush set

Top: Brunette, Porcelain Pink
Bottom: So Ceylon, Sunny by Nature


Porcelain Pink

So Ceylon

Sunny by Nature

Brunette, Porcelain Pink, So Ceylon, Sunny By Nature

I am addicted to anything mineralized by MAC. Seriously. It's a given that I'm also a sucka for bronzey-tan shades. The had a few more at the CCO, but I already had them. Instead of the regular $28, these are $19 at the CCO. I use MSFs as a cheek color, these will work as a shimmery bronzer (besides porcelain pink). Porcelain Pink is much to light to wear as a blusher, so I'm planning on utilizing it as a highlight, much like By Candlelight. I love MSFs because they give off such a beautiful sheen on the cheeks. You just have to make sure to avoid the glittery formulas.

Cheek and Cheerful MB, Eversun powder blush, Pleasureful creme blush

Cheek and Cheerful 


Pleasureful (I had to take it far away. My camera wouldn't focus)

Cheek and Cheerful, Eversun, Pleasureful

I'm quite pleased with my cheek picks. Cheek and Cheerful was one I knew I was going to get. It's a lovely golden shimmery bronze. I could also use it as an eyeshadow. Eversun was one I was on the fence about. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It's a sheer bronze/peach. I'm also not too fond of the Style Warriors packaging. It looks quite matte in the swatch, but there is shimmer too in the pan. As for Pleasureful, I almost put it back because I was expecting not to like it. It's a deep pink, and looked much too dark for me. I'm surprised how much I love it. The key is to blend, blend, blend, to get a pretty pink sheen.

Style Snob e/s

I think I may have bought this for the name. Style Snob? How cute is that?  It's a starflash formula, which I love. It's a great warm taupe to use all over the lids.

Utterly Frivolous l/s

I think I just needed something from the FAFI collection, and this was the only item they had from it at my local CCO.  Good thing the color is lovely. It's a bright yet very werable pink. It does make my teeth looka bit yellow though, so I'm definitely in need of reaching for Crest whitestrips.

Moistureblend foundation in NC25

I'm really sad with this buy. Although it will be perfect for my dry skin, I bought the wrong shade. I wanted to get NC30, but that was the ONE shade they were out of. I'm normally an NC30 year round, and am about an NC35 right now. I didn't want to get NC35, because I don't like to self tan all the time. After I purchased, I found out that these run a shade lighter, so I could've gotten the NC35 =(. How sad. I don't really know what to do with this. I like the formula, but the color is much too light. Maybe I'll just slap on some bronzer, or Makeupalley, here it comes.

Hope you guys enjoyed my haul =), as much as I do (now that the guilt is over).


  1. uhh JEALOUS!!! love the haul girl omg! I like so ceylon, sunny by nature and pleasureful :)

  2. lovely haul! yes, i feel you sister!

  3. Amazing haul!!! I made my first trip to the CCO a few weeks ago and only left with a set of Holiday pigments and a Holiday eye palette for a friend's birthday. I wanted to look around more and I spotted Porcelain Pink but I didn't get anything :/ I don't have any MAC (besides the pigments haha) but I'm dying to go back.... >.<

    Goodluck with trying to save money :) Maybe start a Project 10 Pan or set some flexible rules for yourself. Could you do a collection post? I'd love to see your collection!! :D

  4. @AngelicBB: Isn't the CCO addicting? I told my BF about project 10 pan and he's been persuading me to do it, but I reallllyyy dont think i can =P. I'll definitely think about posting up a collection post sometime in the near future =)

  5. hey how much was the brush set? great haul :)
    - mary

  6. Porcelain pink is very pretty when it's swatched. I wouldn't have noticed it in the pan.



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