Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick Snap: Love, Love, Love

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines day!

♥I made pink heart-shaped cookies yesterday, from scratch! I'm proud that they came out so well =)
♥I'm finally trying out My Beauty Diary Masks! For those that don't know, they are very popular sheet masks in Asia. Since I've never tried them before, I opted for the variety pack so I can try out a bunch of different scents. Every mask does something different. I'm especially interested the ones that brighten and lighten discoloration. Of course I had to get the cute Alice in Wonderland pack! For those that are wondering, I got my pack from eBay. You have to be careful though, there are fakes out there!
♥Finally picked up new lippies. These are more Revlon ones. I'm trying to use colors outside my comfort zone (nude). I bought Lilac, Mauve, and Raspberry. I love them all!
♥I've been addicted to Bath and Body Works lately. I haven't shopped there since I was maybe 14! I ended up getting two body sprays (Twilight Woods and Secret Wonderland) and three mini candles from the new tropical  collection.  
( ∩ ________ ∩ )

♥Surprise! Ehehehhee...( ^ ///  ~  ///  ^)


  1. i love this post so much so i am going to comment on everything mentioned :P
    1. the cookies look so cute!
    2. i LOVE my beauty diary masks. i didn't know that there was a alice in wonderland pack! now i have to buy it haha. it seems like it includes a variety of their masks, too <3
    3. the muave lipstick looks gorgeous! if i wore lipstick i would def buy that one.
    5. i love slatkin and co. candles! my first one was when they were giving out the free ones at B&BW and i fell in love with the pink sangria one. smells exactly like pink lemonade~

  2. Heehee you look cute! Really like ur plaid shirt :) I actually never tried my beauty diary masks before as much as they're raved about! But they always look so pretty! lol, I'm such a sucker for packaging...

  3. The cookies look delish! Please tell how much you like the beauty mask set, I was looking at that particular set to try but haven't made up my mind to purchase.

  4. I've always had a thing for grocery store sugar cookies. You know, the ones with the colored sugar sprinkles? I should learn how to make them myself and a healthier version at that...

    P.S. I tagged you in an award!

  5. This is SUCH a cute post!!




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