Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Post! Review: Jesse's Girl Bejeweled Eyeshadow Quad & Swatches

I decided not to make my first post boring, so I'm going straight to a review.

I just got in my Jesse's Girl package. Shipping was super fast and I've been wanting to try these every since I saw them on YouTube =D. Rite Aids in my state don't sell the brand. Get em' at

I ordered all four Bejeweled quads for $17 and then threw in an eyeshadow for free shipping (over $20).
My swatches are over Benefit's creaseless cream shadow in Recess, yeah I'm not about to waste my UDPP. They're not that good because I was in a hurry. Colors are much more vibrant in real life.

 Palette 1
Palette 2- My favorite, and the reason I made the order
Palette 3
Palette 4

I really like em'. Yeah, I was drawn in by the pretty jeweled packaging, but the shadows themselves are well pigmented and super freakin' pretty.Well ... They're... the SH*T.

Here's the eyeshadow I got with a swatch. The shadow is ginormous, like the size of a blush, and so pretty. And look at how many freakin' eye dust samples they sent me! It's basically every color they make!

Yeah, Jesse's Girl, I kind of love you.

Has anyone tried these? I'd love to hear what you think =)
FTC DISCLAIMER: I threw my own hard-earned money on this crap because I like to. My opinions. I wasn't threatened, bribed, or manhandled in any way. Thanks.


  1. hi this is pig tailed girl from soompi! im excited that you have a new blog! will await for your more posts!

  2. hey love,welcome to the blogging world :) this is isha_himitsu from soompi :) hope to see more entries from you.

  3. its *.yl=] from soompi :) and hello to the world of blogs :)
    i was looking at that site and the products are inexpensive, and they ship international too! i will have to buy some stuff from there soon :)
    cant wait to see more posts :D



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